How to Heal Your Life – Learning From Your Past

Take a trip into your past to help you understand and walk free and clear into your present and thus your future. Understanding your multidimensional existence, eliminating stress from your physiology, releasing emotional energy conglomerates, uncovering childhood traumatic events and replacing those imprints with positive, loving experiences is part of the “Inner Journey towards enlightenment”.

In this workshop you will be gently guided by your breath and the facilitator back to the time before you were conceived when you were still in Spirit form in order to understand why you chose your parents and your childhood and what conclusions were imprinted as a result of your conception, gestation and early childhood.

As a compassionate spectator, you will perceive your birth, first as it really happened, then as it could have happened if the circumstances were ideal. This exercise called re-imprinting will create a different map of your past and thus, eliminating unconscious patterns of self sabotage. You will participate in various Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Gestalt and Bioenergetics techniques in order to eliminate the cause of the following problems:

  • Health Problems
  • Character Defects
  • Financial Challenges
  • Dysfunctional Relationships

There is a longing in every one of us to discover our personal task, to understand the reason that we were born, and why we go through a childhood that is usually difficult and leaves scars. Healing occurs when we discover the source of our negative feelings, beliefs and behaviors which result in distortions in our personality. As you begin to know and understand your past, you heal your physiology at all levels. Learning to live in the PRESENT (a gift) that you receive when you uncover the parts of your personality that have formed the Lower Self and aligning and transforming them into the Higher Self. To live from the Higher Self will give you a life full of:

  • Love
  • Trust
  • Joy
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Abundance

Knowing your purpose for this life will give you the light necessary to take this Inner Journey!