Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP focuses on excellence. It was developed by studying the natural process that great achievers use to consistently produce exceptional results. NLP teaches methods to model any form of human excellence. This new epistemology helps people better understand themselves and others that ultimately maximizes personal growth and creates extraordinary results.

You will learn how to:

  • Apply the winning thought processes of high achievers in all aspects of life.
  • Quickly and easily establish a connection with everyone
  • Achieve desired results and find win-win situations when negotiating
  • Stop undesired habits and have what you want instead
  • Clarify your real goals, resolve hidden conflicts and create a workable path to goal attainment
  • Have resources available exactly when and where you need them
  • Discover new ways to positively confront challenges in your life
  • Create a sense of self-confidence and action in any situation

Results: Success – Satisfaction – Better Income – Freedom – Health

Coaching with Neuro-Linguistic Programming


How was Neuro-Linguistic Programming developed?


NLP was developed in the 70’s by a mathematician, Richard Bandler and a professor of linguistics, John Grinder. From their study of successful people, they were able to analyze and transfer human excellence, resulting in the most powerful and practical psychology of the millennium. NLP is one of the most effective technologies known to man for developing human potential since all of its methodologies, techniques and exercise were derived from the study of success and excellence.

NLP studies the structure of subjective experience. It proposes that people think and act according to their internal representations of reality rather then to reality itself. That is why once we understand how we codify our thoughts and feelings; it is easy to change those that are affecting us negatively for a more positive response. NLP is described as the software of our brain, it allows us to have instant access to the experiences that we desire to have.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a term used in sports training. It was John Whitmore who first applied it to the business world more than two decades ago. Unfortunately the word has become so popular and it is used often in ways that is so far from its original focus.

The concept of coaching has existed for thousands of years. One of the first to use it was Socrates in ancient
Greece . Socrates helped his students by asking those questions and allowing them to find the answers for themselves. Coaching is a model that is designed to develop a persons potential in a methodic, structured and efficient way.

Coaching consists of helping to liberate the potential that each person has and thus increasing their productivity. It focuses on learning rather then to focus on teaching. The person being coached learns for himself rather than from the coach. The job of the coach is to ask questions and stimulate the person in finding the answers from within. The coach should not offer solutions, instead asks the right questions so the person can find the solutions.

Goethe said:

“The best thing you can do for others is not to show them your wealth, rather to show them their own”

Coaching stands on the following presuppositions:

  • Every person has a hidden potential that must be liberated
  • People already have all the resources they need
  • It is important to focus on a persons potential and the possibilities for the future and not on the past mistakes or the present abilities
  • Any result can be duplicated through modeling

In coaching we explore the following questions:

  1. Questions that help establish specific well formed goals
  2. Questions that help examine the current situation and reality
  3. Questions that help find options, strategies and possible alternatives
  4. Questions that help to determine when and how you will achieve the goal

Coaching can be applied to your personal or business life and to a company we can offer individual or group coaching

The personalized coaching sessions focus on the development of potential for managers addressing issues such as decision making, conflict resolution and stress management, finding additional resources, support for productivity and promotions, etc. The sessions for group coaching are designed to motivate groups of employees or managers. Most interventions are about finding effective solutions to problems, better communication and team building, increasing creativity, stress management and on improving the individual and group potential.

What is the essence of this model?

Our results are the consequences of our actions and behaviors and these are the reflection of our thoughts. Our capacities improve when we enrich our mental models and generate new responses. The coach enriches the person’s model by increasing his level of awareness and facilitating steps towards action. All of this is done by questions and descriptive rather then evaluative feedback.

  1. Description of the desired situation (objective)
  2. Description of the present situation (problem area or area for improvement)
  3. Map of options and resources (generating and choosing)
  4. Action plan (specific)
  5. Results (management and follow up)

The objective of the first two questions is to improve the level of sensory and emotional awareness of the person or group. This is a fundamental step since we can only control that which we are aware of and the awareness gives us the power to take action. The next two questions will generate alternatives and the creation of a plan of action. Finally all that is needed is to establish how and when to evaluate the results.

What does coaching give people and organizations?

In practically all the forums about direction, leadership, intellectual capital, management of knowledge, competency, etc. they are alluding to the need that organizations have for the role of the boss to evolve into that of a facilitator. This role is results and people oriented and are much more in agreement with a company that wants learning to be effective and permanent. It has been said that the capacity to learn more quickly than the competitors, is probably the only sustainable advantage that an organization can have.

Coaching allows the implementation of that change in organizations, giving them a structured and effective model that allows the proper management of productivity and the development of the potential of the collaborators. In summary, coaching contributes value to the organization because:

  • Improves health and productivity
  • Develops their potential
  • Increases communication
  • Improves relationships
  • Reinforces self esteem
  • Facilitates motivation
  • Promotes leadership

Creating Excellence

The nature of our ego is to hold on to the past and resist change. This process can sabotage your experience of joy and abundance in the present moment. Every year we set goals and make resolutions. We do well for a few weeks, and regress back to familiar behaviors and circumstances.

What Can Be Different?

Experience with Gilda, NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING, the most powerful technology known to man for creating profound changes in your life.

The Experience

Discover Your Story – Find out what story you made up about your body, health, finances, relationships and your self-worth.

Rewrite Your Story – You will choose what story you want to have about all those areas of your life, giving your unconscious mind more options.

Uncover the Sabotage – Using NLP you will find out what has been creating the sabotage behaviors, you will then successfully reframe (change) them.

Re-Imprint and Create – You will access deep levels of your unconscious mind to create strong impressions of what you choose. Then you will project yourself into your Timeline into the future and create it as a subjective experience, so it can manifest in the material world.

The Result – You will know how to successfully create your dreams. At the end, you will break a 3/4 inch solid pine board with the power of your Intention.

The Powers of Your Intentions

The Power of Intention, Discover the Magic of Your Mind

Would You Like?

  • To feel confidence and excel in what you want
  • To have the ability and more options to face your challenges without stress
  • To find creative and productive solutions to your problems
  • To feel motivated and always have a positive attitude
  • To increase your effectiveness and personal satisfaction
  • To be able to obtain all your goals while having fun


  • Balance your energy and learn to direct it towards your goals
  • Know your multidimensional existence and the power of your INTENTION
  • Quantum physics, the energy of the unconscious mind and your essence
  • Release limiting programming
  • Uncover and eliminate self sabotage
  • NLP and the phenomenon of anchoring
  • Discover that inside of you lies a creative source of limitless potential
  • Brain exercises for integration
  • Learn to hypnotize and be hypnotized
  • Success programming on both hemispheres while in a deep state of hypnosis, (tree exercise)
  • Release your limitations when you break a board with the palm of your hand and the energy of your intention