Quantum Healing

This intensive, hands-on workshop will provide a unique opportunity to learn about the scientific research that has been done on the human energy field including its anatomy, physiology, psychodynamic functions, and pathology.

You will obtain an in depth understanding of the existence of life in multiple dimensions, and the process of disease and healing based on the extensive studies of many scientists and other experts such as: Dr. Harold burr of Yale University, Dr. David Tansly, an acupuncture and radionics specialist, Barbara Brennan, physicist and author of Hands of Light and Dr. Michael Mamas, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Michael Mammas.

You will participate in exercises to develop your Total Sense Perception including: kinesthetic sensing, clairaudience, and subtle sight. You will also participate in hands on healing techniques to balance, charge and heal the Human Energy Field that you can use individually or integrate with other forms of bodywork.

Quantum Healing will:

Initiate a deeper relationship with yourself in order to access your full potential, assist you and your clients in having physical balance, strengthen your intuition, learn meditation that will allow you to feel your connection with the Transcendent and expand your belief system to awaken Your Innate Health and the Healer Within.

Your Gift:

Increase your abilities, your confidence, and your income by creating a healing practice or expanding the one that you have through a unique method of expressing your talents.

Abilities That You Will Develop:

  • RAM Meditation To Transcend
  • Perceive And Heal The Aura
  • Measure The Energy Centers With Radionics
  • Practice Quelations
  • Repair The Lines Of Light And Chakras After Surgery
  • Quantum Health Exercises For Self Healing