Quantum Health

What is It?

The Quantum Health Workshop is an exciting exploration that will introduce you to the world of bio-energy and quantum physics. It allows you to have a clear experience of the mind-body connection and explores human existence and the process of health and disease in multiple dimensions.

It is based on the fact that we are energy and the body is movement that has stabilized in order to interact with the very slow vibrations of the earth’s environment. When we are forced to confront the daily stress, our fears, and the hyper-vigilance that must be maintained because of the nature of our childhood, our matter becomes over stabilized and it manifests as rigidity. This prolonged rigidity increases the tendency towards degenerative diseases that ultimately leads to death.

What Does It Achieve?

Through the use of a repertoire of breath, undulating movement, primitive sounds, profound relaxation and powerful Eastern energy movement techniques we reactivate the cellular memory of our bio-morfic origins thus stimulating and generating tissue and increasing the flexibility that was lost when we began our vertical life as bipeds.

This course teaches you to use the quantum energy in order to move your body without having to use your muscles. These energy-based movements provide an environment for innovation to occur and connections to be made that can significantly improve many degenerative problems. Students have experienced dramatic improvements in problems with joint pain or degeneration, breathing disorders, muscular pain or weakness, lack of vitality, and physical as well as emotional paralysis.

Fear is one of the great paralyzers. When we learn to fear our body and its natural function to feel physical sensations and emotions, we retract energetically into the bone marrow; we go into the quantum space that exists in our body. This is the way that we learned to defend ourselves as children against a hostile or threatening environment. As children we learned to restrict our breath and our fluidity. When we develop a rigid stabilization we create pathologies. The rigidness becomes self-destruction and destitution.

The Following Are Just A Few Of The Exercises That You Will Experience:

The Canine Breath:
Is designed to unstress the physiology, stimulate the lower brain and the brain stem, soften the compacted cells and expand the intermolecular horizontal space. It can be practiced almost anywhere especially while driving which tends to create a lot of stress.

The Microtubular Sound:
Expands the vertical intracellular space starting at the coxes and reaching all the way to the frontal brain and affects the entire neural tube. As a result of practicing this sound along with undulating movements the spine becomes flexible and awakens an energy known in the East as Kundalini.

Hydrating Breath:
Through a series of sounds and vibrations this breath gives the body flexibility and strength at the same time that it gives the heart and lungs a good workout. It has a rejuvenating effect on the cells and thus the entire health and appearance.

The Osteo-Sound Frequency:
This sound frequency charges the etheric body as well as the bones with resonating, pulsating energy and has surprising results in eliminating pain and rebuilding bone strength.

Calming Breath:
This very unique breath is excellent for quieting the mind, focusing your attention, relaxing facial tension, and integrating patterns of change.

The M-Vowel Vibration:
Works extremely well to clear nasal passages and eliminate headaches due to sinus problems. It increases the circulation of the gums and throat area. It can be used during intense emotional periods to gently integrate the feelings and harmonize the energy field.

The combination of these breathing techniques, sounds, vibrations, and movements bring about a pleasant exercise that opens the bio-energetic flow in order to start the process of healing. The energy centers known as Chakras in the East become healthier, more balanced and vital, thus creating positive changes in the personality including; the awakening of our multi-sensory capacities which are part of our bio-morphic primitive abilities.